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Free Shipping & Returns On All Orders!

Diabetes Can Cause Nerve Damage!

Diabetes can cause nerve damage putting your toes and feet at risk! Many people with diabetes have circulatory issues, which can affect their nerve endings and lead to more serious problems.

Elevated blood sugar levels can cause damage to nerve endings. This leaves many diabetic people with nerve damage in their feet and toes. The common results is loss of protective sensation.

60-70% of diabetics have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage resulting in impaired sensation in the feet.

When you combine a loss of protective sensation with improper or ill-fitting footwear, sores may develop because or rubbing, slipping, or shearing. Simply put, if your nerve endings can't feel what's happening to your feet, they can't send proper messages to your brain when your feet need special attention or protection.

Prescription diabetic footwear can help provide the extra protection your feet need!

Note: Even if you think you have proper feeling in your feet, if you're diabetic, you should know there's a good chance you probably don't.

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