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Free Shipping & Returns On All Orders!

How Do Diabetic Shoes & Inserts Help Protect Your Feet?

Diabetic shoes are specially constructed to protect your feet. They're also "extra-depth" to accommodate special inserts, which are either heat-molded to your feet or custom made. Special features and materials combine to provide your feet with the extra protection they need. In order to qualify for Medicare reimbursement, shoes and inserts must meet certain criteria and must be submitted for approval and coding. These special shoes and inserts must be prescribed by your doctor and professionally fit by a qualified foot care professional, if Medicare reimbursement is desired.

Today's Diabetic Shoes Fit Your Lifestyle!

When people hear the term "therapeutic shoes", they often think of ugly, bulky, old black shoes. Today's diabetic shoes come in many beautiful colors and styles-just like regular shoes. Providers today understand that if you don't love your shoes, you won't enjoy the health benefits because you simply won't wear them.  

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