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All For Legs | About Us

We are committed to the health and wellness of people's legs and feet.

At All 4 Legs, we have a wide selection of footwear, stockings and foot accessories at your foot-tips (ok, at your fingertips!) We strive to make our online site easy to use and helpful.

For those customers with a prescription for diabetic shoes, we partner with stores in local communities so you will have a convenient place to get custom shoes and inserts. 

Our goal is to make shopping for shoes, stockings and accessories for your legs and feet an easy experience. Therefore, it's our policy to provide free shipping and returns. We want to be sure each customer gets the right foot and leg wear. Shopping online shouldn't be hard! 


Our mission is to help people maintain healthy legs and feet.

Our Values:

Partnership - All 4 Legs works to ensure every customer has access to the products they need and gets the best service possible whether it's through our online site or one of our partner stores in local communities

Wellness Focused - All 4 Legs exists to increase the health and wellness of our customers legs and feet.