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Morton's Neuroma

Do you experience sharp or burning pains in the ball of the foot that sometimes shoot up the back of your legs or to your toes? Morton’s neuroma is the medical term describing a neuroma of the nerve to the toes of the foot. Ninety percent of all neuroma sufferers are women ages 18-85.

Also known as a perineural fibroma and intermetatarsal or interdigital neuroma, this condition results from excessive pressure to the nerve and the fibrous sheath surrounding it, which causes the nerve to become inflamed and enlarged.

Squeezing the ball of the foot typically reproduces the symptomatic pain. Tenderness and numbness in the space between the third and fourth toes are also common symptoms of this condition.

If you think you have a neuroma, get it treated sooner than later because it can enlarge over time if left untreated.

How Footwear Can Help

Neuromas are sometimes related to other conditions like diabetes, arthritis and thyroid conditions, but they most often are due to poor fitting shoes and abnormal biomechanics.

Shoes that fit correctly in the width will help reduce the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. Custom orthotic inserts can help, too. Your podiatrist can help fit a shoe and select the appropriate insert.